Welcome to Brill Talent Agency

Brill Talent Agency now has three divisions - Brill Kids (children aged 5-16), Young Performers (for ages 16-24 year olds), and now Adults (25+) providing they have a Spotlight account (note: Spotlight has changed its admission criteria making it much easier for you to join.


Brill Talent Agency is owned and run by Sarah Brill who has experience both as a agent and is also a parent of a child performer! Therefore, she understands the demands having a talented youngster brings and is able to offer valuable guidance and advice to parents/guardians. 


Sarah prides herself on building solid, professional relationships with all her clients to ensure that they get the best opportunities for them.


Areas she specialises in are Film, Television, Commercials, and Theatre.

These are castings or auditions Sarah has been involved with in the past.