Application Process

I need to be confident that I can cast clients for jobs (although there is never any guarantee of a job) so it is important that you show me what you can do.  The best way to do this is by submitting a video (self-tape) of these skills.  (For self tape instructions, see below).


1.  For Musical Theatre – generally Young Performers need to be between 8-12, under 5ft (the shorter the better) and able to sing, dance and act.  All boys must have unbroken voices and girls undeveloped.  Most casting directors won’t accept children with fixed braces but there are some who will. 

What to send:  I would like a self-tape of you/your child Singing, Dancing, and Introduction stating their name, age, height and a bit about themselves (their hobbies, interests or interesting facts about themselves).


2.  For Film/Television: – Young Performers can be any age but be aware that many casting directors prefer older children who can play down for small children parts (for licensing and experience) and teens out of licencing age (16+)  to play down parts between 13-16.  However, this is not always the case, especially for commercials.


What to send:  For this area, I would ask that clients are able to perform to camera.  They would need to produce at least 1 tape of a monologue for screen.  So, subtle but visible emotions facially.  I want to be able to feel what the character is feeling and really be able to connect with that character.  It is difficult as most people think that performances need to be big and bold just because they are acting but for television it’s all about making your performance believable.  Children find this especially difficult and either perform big and bold or so subtle that there is no emotion and it is almost like they are reading the script.  It’s a difficult one but some people have a natural ability to play to camera and other need some guidance and be taught.


Monologue Suggestions:  A good monologue for early-mid teens is Treat Me Nice which has a range of emotions to explore and play with in it (sadness, anger, light hearted at the end) but applicants can search for their own either on or just by searching “monologues with emotion for young teens” or similar.

3.  For Commercials:  Please send a good headshot Introduction stating their name, age, height and a bit about themselves (their hobbies, interests or interesting facts about themselves).

Self-tape Instructions

Please film a short monologue (and/or song and dance) on a smart phone or tablet in LANDSCAPE format and against a PLAIN BACKGROUND with you in the centre of the frame – head and shoulders. Please consider your lighting (natural lighting, facing a window is best) and perform for screen and not theatre (very naturalistic looking slightly away from the camera not directly into it and with a low vocal volume).


Commission is charged at between 15-20% on any paid work you receive.  There are no other fees apart from your Spotlight membership (See below).


I only represent clients who have an active Spotlight membership.  Spotlight is the premier casting platform and offers young performers many benefits:

  • Spotlight profile offering a chance to showcase your skills, credits, photos and showreels to casting professionals

  • Agents receive job information (breakdowns) via Spotlight and can submit young performers for roles for their projects in film, television, stage and commercials

  • Discounts: exclusive savings from high street retailers and on family days out

  • Access to a continued free development programme, ranging from events, practical skill workshops, one-to-ones for parents and young performers and opportunities to meet industry professionals

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Contacts: everything you need to know about a career in entertainment. Check the comprehensive listings for people and services that you need

  • Young performer content

The cost can be found here: