Playing Age: 10-13
Height: 4ft 8ins / 143cm
Location: Hertfordshire
England, UK

Maya is a charismatic and inquisitive actor who has a wealth of experience in film, television, film and theatre. She was part of the original cast in Tom Stoppard’s Olivier Award-winning play, Leopoldstadt, playing Sally and Mimi and played the role of Talia in short film, Vincent. Maya has also appeared in several television programmes including, Breeders, Call the Midwife, Motherland, The Capture, Well Street, Don’t forget the Driver, People Just do Nothing and Unforgotten. Film roles include Tom and Jerry, How to Build a Girl and Christopher Robin.

Maya loves performing whether in front of a camera or on stage and would to expand her experience to include more lead roles (although she is happy with any roles).

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