Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Will Brill Talent Agency represent me If I apply?​​

We carefully consider each candidate. After submitting your online application, you may be asked to audition via self-tape.

Although we would love to accept everyone into our agency, we must maintain a selective process.

Please understand that due to the high volume of enquiries we receive, we may be unable to provide individual feedback.

What happens if I am accepted to be represented by Brill Talent Agency?

If Brill Talent Agency accepts you, you will be asked to sign our Agency Agreement electronically, and afterwards, you will be added to our system. We will require you to add us as your agent on Spotlight. If you are a young performer, we will help you to set up your Spotlight profile and provide guidance on how you can update it to have the best possible chance of landing your dream role.

Spotlight Registration.

All our clients must be registered with Spotlight and ensure their page is updated regularly.
Spotlight connects professional performers with casting opportunities around the world.
Performers on Spotlight are recognised by casting professionals as the most talented in the industry, and it is an excellent way to promote yourself as a performer and get noticed by casting directors.

What are the fees to become a part of Brill Talent Agency?

Apart from potentially paying for fresh headshots from your favourite photographer and covering the cost of your Spotlight profile, there are no administration fees to sign with Brill Talent Agency.

Can I have multiple agents?

We act as the sole agency for actors; however, we are happy for you to have a separate agent specialising in modelling.

Do I need to use your photographers?

No, while we can certainly point you towards great photographers and require you to keep your professional profile(s) updated, we don’t require you to use anyone specific for photos. 

Are you looking for an agency that values you?

We are always on the lookout for outstanding talent.